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Reinventing Governance

A Signal, Langage, Movement (SLM) initiative




The Laboratory of Methods of Governance

develops research that aims to understand the different modes of organizations and interactions inherent in individuals, groups and different realms. The idea is to select, record and disseminate the most effective Methods allowing the emergence of a collective intelligence and new participative modes of collaboration.


We are convinced that any major problem where imbalance calls for great mobilization, followed by an efficient organization of means and movements.
This integral management is possible, thanks to a common perception integrating different points of view, fluid communication via the same language, which allows agility in the implementation of solutions.


We are also certain that any response to a collective need is undeniably an economic initiative with high added value.



The purpose of the Laboratories is therefore to produce research and training offers on management methods, mediation and project management through the conclusions and empirical data of the studies carried out. This is for the benefit of university management departments, human resources departments and general management of companies, entrepreneurs, state structures and local authorities, as well as NGO associations and supranational institutions ... in response to the 17 sustainable development objectives defined by the United Nations (UN).

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In order to achieve its goal, the LMG association in partnership with Institut de la Connaissance des Méthodes Autonomes d'Apprentissage et d'Eveil (ICMAAE), have set up 4 pillar programs :



Financial Intelligence Networks Aggregator


Medical Analysis Naturotherapy Application Aggregator


Natural Energy Electrical Movement Application


Program of Aggregated Networks for Global Applied Educational Asset


Offer of training to Companies, some examples of modules:

Image de Jossuha Théophile

The perception of time:

Collective construction for project management teams? (Format: 1 day)

Image de Jo Szczepanska

Methods and Management: Techniques for the emergence of Group Intelligence

(Format: 3 half days)

Image de Roman Kraft

The group's language modes:

For the emergence of a cultural identity at the service of business

(Format: 4 half days).


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